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Cupcake & Donut Shops Water Filters Solutions

Cupcake & Donut Shops  Water Filters Solutions

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Cupcake & Donuts Shop Water Filters and Purifiers Price -  Food & Beverage Industry Water Filtration  & Wastewater Treatment System Custom Manufacturer & Exporter

Yeast-leavened doughnuts are made with ingredients that include flour, shortening, milk, sugar, salt, water, yeast, eggs or egg whites, and flavorings. Doughnuts produced in sanitary baking conditions in grocery stores, bakeries, or franchises often come from pre-packaged mixes

A standard cupcake uses the same basic ingredients as standard-sized cakes: butter, sugar, eggs, and flour. Nearly any recipe that is suitable for a layer cake can be used to bake cupcakes

Water is responsible for triggering all natural chemical processes in dough, controls dough temperature, and hydrates dough components. Specifically, water is one of the major components in baking, and thus many bakers use lower tempered water or use water to maintain the temperature of their batter or dough.
The water filtration process found in commercial water filtration systems can remove contaminants from water such as lead and other heavy metals. Special carbon water filters retain these unwanted particles all while permitting clean, safe drinking water to pass through.

The main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the self-washing string-membrane filter element. It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification: a body coated with pure nano silver, an ultrathin stainless steel string that is wound in a special way on the body of the filter element and a bio magnetic water structure that is embedded in the body of the filter element . Magnetic structured water device is designed for protection against scale and deposits in heating appliances, water softening, conversion of soluble iron to iron oxide and further removal from the water by filters of mechanical fine cleaning.



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  Marketing value 

  Satisfied customers

  Consistency in production

  Sanitation & Super cleanliness (liability reduction)

  Bringing an 'attention to detail factor' to your shop, restaurant, or bar. Everyone appreciates clean water!

  No water spots on silverware, glasses & dishes

  No staining on aprons, cloth napkins, or dish towels from contaminated water

  Longevity of machines (dishwasher, laundry)

  Cost reduction in water usage (cheaper to heat clean water; pipes last longer; etc.)

  Eliminate the need for bottled water that contributes to environmental waste

  Customized Solution (with our consultation)