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A greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame.

Greenhouses are used to grow plants, such as tomatoes and tropical flowers. A greenhouse stays warm inside, even during the winter. In the daytime, sunlight shines into the greenhouse and warms the plants and air inside. Water filters for greenhouses to help grow the best plants. Every horticulturist knows that each species of plant requires very specific care. Having pure water to start with makes everything much easier. A one-acre (0.4 ha) greenhouse uses approximately 22,000 gallons (83 kL) of water per day for irrigation purposes.


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We Use New Nano Water Filter Technology 

Greenhouse operators choose from several water sources (well, surface or municipal) when building greenhouses. Less common sources include man made containment ponds, which capture water from rain and irrigation . All water sources does not provide clean water , so to get clean water , nano filters are used by these Greenhouse Building with less clean water sources. Water Filtration is relatively inexpensive when compared with the additional maintenance, plumbing equipment replacement and crop loss costs from disease that can result from inadequate water pre-treatment. An effective filtration system will actually reduce the operating cost and increase the efficacy of chemical water treatments.

Serus Nano Filters has manufactured hundreds of agricultural water treatment systems for irrigation purposes that purify millions of gallons of water every day. With our advanced technology our nano filter are maintenance free with zero maintenance and no electricity

The main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the self-washing string-membrane filter element. 

It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification: a body coated with pure nano silver, an ultrathin stainless steel string that is wound in a special way on the body of the filter element and a bio magnetic water structure that is embedded in the body of the filter element

Magnetic structured water device is designed for protection against scale and deposits in heating appliances, water softening, conversion of soluble iron to iron oxide and further removal from the water by filters of mechanical fine cleaning.



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  • Reduce water usage by minimum 10% and up to 30% 
  • Reduce pesticide and herbicide usage 
  • Increase yields by at least 10% 
  • Improve taste of produce 
  • Increase shelf life of produce 
  • Increase nutrient content in produce 
  • Drastically reduce heat stress 
  • Increase water flow 
  • Saving energy and resource 
  • Prevent and remove scaling from irrigation pipes 
  • Makes traditionally unusable saline water usable and increases water productivity 
  • Soil desalinization takes effect in the first year 1/1.5 meters 
  • Increase weight and reduce disease in aquaculture industry