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Sugar Refineries Water Filters Solutions

Sugar Refinery Water Filtration & Purification Solutions

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Sugar Refinery Water Filtration & Purification System Price - Wastewater Treatment System Supplier & Manufacturer

A sugar refinery is a refinery which processes raw sugar into white refined sugar or that processes sugar beet to refined sugar. The raw sugar is stored in large warehouses and then transported into the sugar refinery by means of transport belts. In the traditional refining process, the raw sugar is first mixed with heavy syrup and centrifuged to wash away the outer coating of the raw sugar crystals, which is less pure than the crystal interior.


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We Use New Nano Water Filter Technology 

All the main materials for manufacturing our products are manufactured in Russia. Our products and raw materials for manufacturing of our company meet world-class requirements.

The raw water requirement for sugar industry is 200- 400 lit/tonne and wastewater produced is about 200-300 lit/tonne of sugarcane crushed. In the production of sugar bye-products such as, Press mud (3.5-4%), Bagasse (28-32%) and Molasses (3-4%) are produced.

During the process of manufacture of sugar, a sugar mill produces several wastes us as molasses, bagasse, filter press cake, waste water, bagasse ash. Of the above, molasses and bagasse have become valuable by-products of the sugar industry and cannot be therefore termed as wastes any longer.

The main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the self-washing string-membrane filter element. It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification: a body coated with pure nano silver, an ultra-thin stainless steel string that is wound in a special way on the body of the filter element and a bio magnetic water structure that is embedded in the body of the filter element

Magnetic structured water device is designed for protection against scale and deposits in heating appliances, water softening, conversion of soluble iron to iron oxide and further removal from the water by filters of mechanical fine cleaning.



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Safe, clean, consistency in flavor
Consistency in production
Sanitation & cleanliness (also liability reduction)
Cleaner laundry & no staining on aprons or cloth towels from contaminated water
Longevity of machines (i.e. dishwasher, laundry, water heater)
Cost reduction in water usage (cheaper to heat clean water, no worry of harmful contaminants leaching into the water from pipes & pipes last longer)
Customized Solution (with our consultation)