Anti Scale Magnetic Water Treatment
Anti Scale Magnetic Water Treatment

As a result of magnetic treatment, physical and chemical processes occur. This leads to the release of impurities that begin to interact with each other. Calcium ions form microcrystals, but they do not form scaling, but remain in the water column, then they are carried to the drainage. Formed early scum is destroyed, as calcium ions break away from it and join the microcrystals. Thus, the old scale is washed away from the surface of pipes or any heating devices. To protect the equipment from corrosion, a thin oxide film forms on the surfaces of the pipes over time.

The main advantages of SERUS magnetic water structured device:-

-high efficiency of magnetic water treatment
-complete protection of equipment from scale
-use of multipolar magnetic systems
-environmentally friendly method
-protection against scale and corrosion without chemical reagents
-no electricity consumption
-no interchangeable parts
-no maintenance required
-long service life (more than 30 years)
-small dimensions
-easy installation

More about structured water treatment:-

The physical effect of the magnetic field on the structure of water and cations of
hardness salts opens up wide opportunities for the use of structured magnetic water
Structured magnetic treatment of water is widely used for many years in various
industries, agriculture and medicine.
The great prospects for using magnetic treatment and in water treatment for water
softening, as the acceleration of the process of crystallization of scale-forming salts
in water under magnetic treatment, leads to a significant decrease in the
concentration of Ca2 + and Mg2 + cations dissolved in water due to the
crystallization process and the reduction in the size of crystals precipitated from
heated water, finally to magnetic treatment.
To remove from the water difficultly deposited thin suspensions (turbidity), the
ability of structured magnetized water to accelerate coagulation (clumping and
precipitation) of suspended particles with subsequent formation of a fine sediment
is used, which facilitates the extraction of various kinds of suspensions from the
Magnetization of water can be used at waterworks with significant turbidity of
natural waters; similar magnetic treatment of industrial wastewater allows quickly
and efficiently precipitate fine impurities.
Magnetic treatment of water helps not only to prevent the precipitation of scaleforming salts from water, but also to significantly reduce the deposits of organic
substances, for example, paraffins.




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