Magnetic Water Filter Treatment in Agriculture
Magnetic Water Filter Treatment in Agriculture

In normal or non magnetic water , the water molecule clusters comprising of many water molecules are loosely attracted. 

This loose and chaotic form of attraction predisposes the water to toxins and pollutants to travel inside the water molecule cluster. 

The large structure of these water molecule clusters or presence of toxins blocks large portions of these clusters when they pass through the cell membrane. 

The smaller size of these chaotic clusters, some of them carrying toxins, can enter the cell with consequent harmful effects. 

To hydrate a plant a great deal of normal water is required. Magnetic treatment of water restructures the water molecules into very small clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules. 

This tiny and uniform cluster has hexagonal structure thus it can easily enter the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes. In addition, toxic agents cannot enter the Magnetic water  structure. 

These features make Magnetic water a bio-friendly compound for plant and animal cells. Magnetic water can be used to increase crop yield, induce seed germination and benefit the health of livestock. 

Studies have demonstrated that Magnetic water for irrigation can improve water productivity; thus, conserving water supplies for the expected future global water scarcity. 

In addition, Magnetic water is reportedly effective at preventing and removing scale deposits in pipes and water containing structures.



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