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The city of Antwerp is supplied with water from the Albert Canal. The city of Liège is supplied from wells pumping from the Hesbaye aquifer. The Scheldt flows via Hainault and Ghent to Antwerp. After 360 kilometres, the Scheldt flows into the North Sea near Flushing.

The tap water in Zwijndrecht and Antwerp contains more PFAS than in the rest of Flanders. Only one other area, in West Flanders around Kuurne, Waregem and Kortrijk, shows higher than average levels of a group of toxic so-called 'forever chemicals'. The types of impurities in the water can include dust, dirt, harmful chemicals, biological contaminants, radiological contaminants, and total suspended solids (TSS). Total suspended solids are visible particles that can make water appear cloudy or hazy.

Our Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter Provides Best Water Solution For Domestic, Industrial, Agriculture, Livestock & Commercial Use with Below Benefits

No Electricity - No Chemicals - No Cartridge Change - Zero Maintenance
 Provides Clean & Reusable Water  Protect Environment  Reduced Energy Cost  Improve Crop Growing Conditions  Plant Disease Prevention  Increase Crop Yield  Improve Growth Performance & Security  Hard Water Softener  Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses  Remove Iron & Sediments  Remove Suspended Solids   Remove Lead ✔ Remove Copper  Remove Nitrate ✔ Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion  Remove Fluoride 
 Remove  Selenium  Remove  Manganese  
 Remove Uranium ✔ Remove Chromium
 Remove Coliform  Remove Radium  Remove  Cryptosporidium ✔ Remove  Disinfectant byproducts  Remove Arsenic   Remove Pesticides   Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

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Organic impurities found in water are typical of biological origins; the decay of vegetal material gives rise to by-products such as humic and fulvic acid, tannins and lignin. Samples were collected in Antwerp, Belgium and analyzed for pH and major ions. The samples were strongly acidic with a volume-weighted average pH of 4.07. pH is a measure of how acidic/basic water is. The range goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. pHs of less than 7 indicate acidity.

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Benefits of using Self Cleaning Water Filters & Purifiers In Belgium Europe

What Makes Serus Self Cleaning Water Filters Special? How Do They Work? 

Stainless Steel Shell Of The Cartridge Is Covered In Nano Silver Particles For Water Disinfection. 

Shell Of The Filter Cartridge Is A Special Stainless Steel Spiral Micro Wire That Is Wounded Around The Frame Multiple Times.
Spiral Micro Wire Is Thinner Than A Human Hair. The Distance Between The Micro Wire Pores Is 0.2-0.3 Micron.
Water That Enters The Filter Under Pressure Passes Through Between The Spiral Micro Wire Pores And Impurities Don’t Pass And Get Flushed Out By The Drain Valve.
Self Auto Oscillations In The Spiral Micro-wire Arise From Hydrodynamic Processes In Turbulent Vortex Flow. 

Due To The Vortex Vibration Of The Spiral Micro Wire Impurities Cannot Stick To The Filter Element And Drop Down Vertically For flush.
Once Pure Water Passes Into The Filter Cartridge It Passes A Multi-Polar Magnetic Unit That Is Mixed With Amber And Rhinestone Crystals For Structured H302 Live Water With Perfect Balanced Ph. 

Impurities Accumulate At The Bottom Of The Flask. Flushing Of The Filter Can Be Done Manually Or With Electric Auto Flushing Device.

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