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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has over 50% of the African continent's water reserves but despite this tremendous potential, 33 million people in rural areas still lack access to quality water . It accounts for approximately 52 per cent of Africa's surface water reserves and 23 per cent of Africa's internal renewable water resources. The internal renewable freshwater resources per capita were estimated at 14,406 m3 / person / year in 2008. Based on extensive fieldwork and stakeholder consultations across the country, the study found that inadequate water and sanitation delivery in the DRC's rapidly expanding urban centers is due to insufficient , aging and overloaded networks, combined with the degradation of critical water sources and watersheds.

Drinking tap water in Kinshasa Congo is not safe to drink . However, water security is low because of economic and governance constraints. Due to a lack of facilities and water management systems, the city tap water did not go through proper sanitation and treatment.

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Remove  Cryptosporidium   ✔ Remove  Disinfectant byproducts   ✔ Remove Arsenic  Remove Pesticides Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

Water Crisis:
  1. Both rural and urban areas are highly affected by the water crisis in the DMC. Gathering water from unsanitary and contaminated bodies of water is a big issue within the country, and those living in urban areas are affected due to the poor infrastructure of waterways and pipes. 
  2. Personal sanitary practices need to be extremely encouraged. 
  3. The DMC needs more funds for implementing better water supplies and better infrastructure in both urban and rural areas. 
The area surrounding the Congo River is known to be very humid so the air can be saturated much quicker than in a dry environment. Because water is saturating the air so quickly it then precipitates constantly. This water is increasingly more polluted with chemicals and other waste. Constricted political space for civil society activity and limited social accountability, including on water and sanitation investments, further constrains the delivery of services. As a result, currently, only 52 per cent of the population has access to basic water and 29 per cent has access to sanitation.

Women and children collect small amounts of water daily and are prioritized for drinking and cooking, l eaving no water for proper hygiene practices . One in five individuals in Congo lack proper toilets, thus infecting the same creeks and rivers that water is collected from for drinking and cooking purposes Urban areas and large cities within Congo also lack safe water due to insufficient, aging and overloaded networks, along with the degradation of water sources and watersheds

In the DRC, the state water utility does not have the ability to improve its water pumping system, because they lack the funds to undertake the project. Instead, they continue to pump water to needy areas through rusty, decaying pipes. The current water crisis is a result of the deteriorated state of the water infrastructure due to underinvestment in the water sector and conflict-related destruction as well as the rapid growth of the population, which was estimated at 4 per cent in urban areas and 2.5 per cent in rural areas by the World Bank in 2009.

Impacts of the Water Crisis in the DMC: 51 million individuals are drinking unsafe water every day, placing them at risk of waterborne diseases and in rural areas, children and women must travel large distances to gather small amounts of water. Many have died from the water crisis in the DMC, most of them children. There is also a big sanitary problem which is causing a cycle where individuals are infecting the water themselves and then drinking it.

Main five water sources:
Groundwater (well)
Surface water. Lake. River. Stream (creek) Shallow well.

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