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Commercial Water Purifier & Filter System | Commercial Water Filtration System | Commercial Water Purification System

Water Filter Capacity of 1000 LPH to 300000 LPH

No Cartridge Change No Clogging Filter  
Anti Scaling Water Filter System Non-Electric Filter No Chemicals Used ✹Zero Maintenance Hard Water Softener

Commercial water filtration systems and industrial water filters are used for commercial water treatment in the food, beverage, hotel, building, research, health, hospital, and healthcare industries. Regardless of clients any water situation, our commercial water filtration systems are perfect for your business, restaurant, office building or recreational area.

Choose the type of commercial water filtration system you are looking for. If you cannot find the type of water filtration system you are looking for, please contact our customer service department. 

Non-Electric Water Purifier Zero Maintenance Anti Scaling Pipe Protection Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion Hard Water Softener Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses Remove Iron & Sediments Remove Suspended Solids Provides Clean & Reusable Water Protect Environment Remove Solvents and Microbial contaminants.

Commercial Self Cleaning water purification systems give a variety of benefits, such as the reduction in the use of plastic bottles, cost-effective use, better taste of water, and so on. Lots of brands of commercial water purifiers can be found online. Commercial Water Purifiers appliances can be found in offices, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, and so on. They ensure that everyone gets to drink clean and healthy water so that they stay healthy and unharmed by germs, microbes, etc. You can buy these appliances online. With our self-cleaning water filters, customers won’t have to worry whether you are drinking contaminated water. 

Many commercial enterprises rely on clean, quality water to make their products or provide their services. If your business falls into this category, you need to safeguard the quality of drinking or general use water with a commercial water filtration system. As you narrow in on the right filtration system for your business, you may want to keep the following in mind.

Industries That Need Filtered Water System: A wide variety of businesses can benefit from clean water, and in many cases, filtered water is essential for the success of your organization. In particular, various companies in the following industries benefit from commercial water filtration systems: 

Food and beverage including food manufacturing, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, and more
Service industries such as hotels, spas, and salons
Mining, gas, and oil
Plants and manufacturing businesses
Agriculture and farming businesses
Medical clinics, hospitals, and labs
School campuses
Government entities

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In a situation like a customer directly engaging with water - 
getting their hair washed at a salon 
taking a shower at a hotel 
drinking water at a restaurant
Do anything with water supply

Most important is that you are fully aware that the customer is using clean and safe water. On top of that, your customers get to enjoy the benefits of filtered water, including more effective washing, improved lathering for soaps, and better taste. When you have this type of system, you can let your customers know. That angle can be especially helpful if you market to health-conscious consumers.

Types of Commercial Water Filtration SystemsLuckily, there is a range of different commercial water filtration systems. You can choose a water system that filters out the exact minerals, heavy metals, bacteria, or other elements you don't want in your water. You can also select a system that works with your budget, and that filters water in a way that makes you the most comfortable. Some of the most popular options for commercial water filtration include media filtration, membrane technology, Nanofiltration, and oxidation by air and ozone. Some products allow you to add chemicals or organic elements to disinfect your water further. For instance, you get to invest in dosing systems that pre-treat the water before it runs through your commercial water filtration system.

We look forward to helping you safeguard your water as your business moves to the next level.

Unwanted impurities in the water can be caused by a variety of conditions. Water from rainfall, streams, and wells can pick up harmful chemicals in the environment like acid and metallic elements. Biological components in water can include bacteria, algae, organic waste, amino acids, pathogens, viruses, microbes, and parasites. They end up in the water because of contact with industrial sewage and wastewater, agricultural waste and runoff, decomposing waste in water bodies, and imbalances in water chemical profiles that promote the proliferation of microbes. Some methods of removing soluble impurities from water can help. Unfortunately, in many cases, the treated water coming from your tap includes added impurities such as chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride.

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Nano Water Filter Solution provides a wide range of Water Treatment solutions and water filters based on Ecuador's water resources.

Water Resources Are:

★ Surface Water Treatment System:   Surface water is water from rivers, lakes or freshwater wetlands, which can be treated using different methods, such as Nano Filtration Systems, UV Water Filter & Magnetic Water Softener & Conditioner.

★ Desalination Water Treatment System:  Desalination can be used for water from the ocean, or sea sources, which can be treated using Seawater Treatment Systems; Desalination Systems.

★ Ground Water Treatment System: Ground Water or brackish water is from water located in the pore space of soil and rock “Borehole well”, which can be treated using Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter Systems, UV Water Sterilizers.

★ Government Mumcipile Water Treatment System: Government water supply, which could have a high level of hardness or a high level of chlorine, can be treated with Water Softener Systems, Water Filters.


✔ Remove Iron & Sediments  ✔ Remove Suspended Solids  ✔ Remove Lead  ✔ Remove Copper  ✔ Remove Nitrate  ✔ Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion  ✔ Remove  Fluoride
✔ Remove  Selenium  ✔ Remove  Manganese
✔ Remove  Uranium  ✔ Remove  Chromium
✔ Remove  Coliform  ✔ Remove Radium
✔ Remove  Cryptosporidium  ✔ Remove  Disinfectant byproducts  ✔ Remove Arsenic
✔ Remove Pesticides  ✔ Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

Low Energy Consumption 
High Performing Efficiency
Sustainable Production
Industrial Water Filter suitable for the areas include - 
Hydroelectric power production
Automotive manufacturers
Paper manufacturing factories
Food and beverage industries
Chemical processors
Agricultural and irrigation applications
Drinking water treatment
Mining water industries
Petrochemical industries
Wastewater treatment
Dye and Pants industries
Pharmaceutical water treatment among others

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SERUS is a Russian based manufacturing company headquartered in the capital of Moscow. Our company is a group of inventors, engineers and scientists that have been dedicating over 20 years to making unique products such as using nanosilver particles for water filtration cartridges, cartridges that last 10 years, magnetic water structuring with amber and rhinestone and so on. With 43 total patents in new innovative technologies, we will always stay ahead and provide the best solutions for worldwide problems in all industries.

At SERUS we are dedicated to researching and developing new technologies that will benefit our customers in all fields such as residential, commercial and industrial solutions. SERUS provides products that have science and logic behind them which are built to last and satisfy our customers. We believe that every customer is different and has different needs and wants and should have a customized solution to his problem. 

Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter: We believe that a customer should purchase a product use it and enjoy it for the long run, this is why SERUS uses only the best metals for manufacturing that last and are safer than plastic-type products that are chemically produced, break, contaminate and so on. We use the finest metals for manufacturing along with nanosilver, magnetics, amber and rhinestone that are scientifically known for their advantages to humans, animals, plants and industrial solutions.

Shipping: We ship worldwide and have experience in shipping to all continents of the World to over 50 countries. Shipping time depends on the destination country and the type of shipping used such as express mail by plane (for small orders) cargo shipping by Airline (for bigger orders) and shipping containers (for large orders). To find out the timeframe of shipping to your country you can contact us for the estimate, based on the weight of the order and destination country.

Warranty Policy: For our filters, we offer a 10-year warranty. 30-year warranty for magnetic water structures about all other products please contact us for a brief explanation.

Return Policy: The product can surely be returned within 30 days if not satisfied for any reason. How does it work? the day you receive the package the 30 days starts counting if a product you feel that you would like to return within those 30 days send us a tracking number that you have put in the mail.

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Why Nano Water Filter System is Better Than Other Company?

# ZERO Maintenance # NO Electricity Required
# 10 YEAR Guarantee #Self Cleaning Filter # EASY To Clean Filter Without Any Help # Protect Disease 
# Good Health # High Energy Level
# Good Taste  # Better Smell 
# Scale Prevention # Silver NanoParticles Technology



Russian Technology Nano Water Filter
Russian Magnetic Structured Water Device 
Russian Technology Seawater Desalination Plant 
Reverse Osmosis & Whole House Water Treatment System


Questions ???

Are you facing issues with your water filters?
Do you want to improve the quality of water use in your business?
Are you looking for a filtration system that is designed specifically for your requirement? 
Do you want to work with a company that offers a wide range of different water filtration system options?


Benefits of a Commercial Water Filtration System

  • Universal applies to all industries that require water treatment and anti-scaling solutions
  • The filter can work manually or automatically
  • High flow water treatment up to 300 LPH
  • Self-cleaning, Self-flushing
  • Versatility 
  • Reduced costs for heating hot water up to 40% (lack of chemicals. Reagents)
  • Gets rid of limescale functions as an anti 
  • Reduced pipe corrosion
  • Reduced scale in pipes and magnifying elements
  • Increase the overall system failure-free and increase service life
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs.
  • High performance with a fineness of oil 
  • Works without replaceable cartridges for 10 years
  • The self-cleaning mechanism and the "mirror" filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable operation over time.
  • Unique properties of the filter element allow you to combine three main types of water treatment: mechanical, bactericidal, public.

✔ Remove Iron & Sediments  ✔ Remove Suspended Solids  ✔ Remove Lead  ✔ Remove Copper  ✔ Remove Nitrate  ✔ Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion  ✔ Remove  Fluoride
✔ Remove  Selenium  ✔ Remove  Manganese
✔ Remove  Uranium  ✔ Remove  Chromium
✔ Remove  Coliform  ✔ Remove Radium
✔ Remove  Cryptosporidium  ✔ Remove  Disinfectant byproducts  ✔ Remove Arsenic
✔ Remove Pesticides  ✔ Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

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