Serus Russia Sea Water Desalination System, Low Maintenence, High Flow, Low Rejection Reliable New Technology From Russia. Alternative Desalination to Reverse Osmosis Process.

Cavitation Wave Frequency Filter - Desalination Plant

The technology we offer (protected by Russian patent Ru 2112578) does not require large energy costs for water evaporation, as in existing world technologies, provides a high level of environmental friendliness (due to the use of new “cold” technologies in desalination).

Small size (2m x 0.5m) and high productivity (100 - 400m3 / h) can significantly expand the consumer water market and meet the considerable demand for both the plants themselves and the product they receive.

Incomparable conclusions are made by a possible program for setting up serial production in Russia of an installation, since the implementation of the development in the world will contribute to the growth of commodity-money circulation, attraction of investments to the regions, will form stable wages for workers and employees, solid profit for the enterprise and significant revenues to the Russian budget, and also solve many environmental problems.

Water Filter Capacity of 1000 Liter To 300000 Liter of Water Per Hour
No Electricity - No Chemicals - No Cartridge Change
Why Nano Water Filter System is Better Than Other Company?
# ZERO Maintenance
# NO Electricity Required
# 10 YEAR Guarantee  
# Self Cleaning Filter 
# EASY To Clean Filter Without Any Help   
# Good Health   
# High Energy Level
# Good Taste    
# Better Smell   
# Scale Prevention 
# Silver Nano Particles Water Treatment Technology

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Frequency Technologies are fundamentally new methods of desalination and purification of water flows, which have significant economic, environmental and other advantages over existing traditional methods. This is a purely physical method that uses the principle of excitation of liquid molecules in a frequency field.

As a result of exposure to water flows at the outlet of the plant, pure water of a given level of desalination, salt and solid insoluble slags are obtained.

You can absolutely be sure that there are no treatment areas where the frequency methods are inferior to the traditional ones, on the contrary, in addition to desalination of salt water from the world's marine and ocean resources, you can find additional directions for their use ( for example, obtaining drinking water from highly saline sources, purifying filtrates solid industrial and household waste, liquid toxic waste disposal, etc.)

This wide range of applications is given below.

One of the stages of development is the destruction of pathogenic microflora.

Traditionally, chlorination, ozonation and other methods are used for this. Chlorine itself and organochlorine compounds are harmful to the body. Ozonation is less harmful, but an excessive level of ozone in the water is also not desirable.

With frequency technology, microflora and other organic impurities are destroyed by electromagnetic fields, during which ultrahigh field strengths, ultrahigh temperatures and pressures are created, due to which the level of residual microflora is reduced to zero, and significantly exceeds the performance of the best traditional methods, including boiling water.

No intermediate compounds are formed. If when receiving drinking water, water with a high level of salts and other inorganic compounds is used, then with the help of frequency technologies their level is brought to a predetermined norm. Contamination with heavy metals and heavy metal salts can be significantly reduced.

- Creation of drainage systems for urban water supply.
- Frequency technologies are suitable for creating water treatment systems in any city.
-The level of operating costs for the preparation of 1 m3 of water is much lower than with chlorination, not to mention ozonation; the number of staff is several times less than with the traditional method; small area, and accordingly, significantly lower capital costs.

-In these cases, there is no need to build a city water treatment plant, it is more convenient and profitable to create stations in the district, microdistrict, and a separate complex of houses. All this reduces the cost of drinking water. The scheme of water supply, repair, maintenance is radically changing, and safety and hygiene are increasing. This is especially important in the event of epidemics, terrorist attacks, man-made and natural disasters.

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