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Non-Electric Water Purifier  Zero Maintenance  ✔No Cartridge Change ✔Anti Scaling Pipe Protection ✔Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion ✔  Hard Water Softener  ✔Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses ✔Remove Iron & Sediments ✔Remove Suspended Solids ✔Provides Clean & Reusable Water ✔ Protect Environment ✔Healthier Livestock ✔Keeps Livestock Hydrated ✔Prevent Digestive Problems ✔Improve Growth Performance & Security 
✔ Remove Solvents and Microbial contaminants

In South Africa the scarce fresh water  is decreasing in quality because of an increase in pollution and the destruction of river catchments, caused by urbanization, deforestation, damming of rivers, destruction of wetlands, industry, mining, agriculture, energy use and accidental water pollution . As a water-scarce country, South Africa is facing a myriad of complex water problems: these include aging water infrastructure, growing water scarcity, drought, the impacts of climate change, and worsening pollution risks.

The Rietvlei dam is an earth-fill type dam and is one of a number of dams supplying water to the Pretoria region of South Africa. It supplies around 41 million liters of drinking water daily, about 5.9% of the water requirement of Pretoria . Currently, 92 million liters per day of the almost 800 million liters used per day is supplied from sources within the municipality (springs, boreholes and dams) with the remainder being imported, mostly from the Rand Water Board.

The water in most areas of Pretoria is in the region of 80 to 100 mg / l. However, areas that get fountain or borehole water have a hardness of between 120 and 180 mg / l CaCO3. Although hard water is healthy to drink it makes dishwashing difficult, as it forms a scum layer on the water.

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Remove Iron & Sediments  ✔ Remove Suspended Solids  ✔ Remove Lead  ✔ Remove Copper Remove Nitrate   ✔ Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion Remove  Fluoride 
Remove  Selenium   ✔ Remove  Manganese 
Remove  Uranium Remove  Chromium 
Remove  Coliform Remove Radium 
Remove  Cryptosporidium Remove  Disinfectant byproducts  ✔ Remove Arsenic  ✔ Remove Pesticides Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

Pretoria has water restrictions: Residents are thus reminded of the following specific water restrictions: Do not water or irrigate gardens with a hosepipe or sprinkler system between 06:00 and 18:00. Do not wash vehicles with hosepipes or high-pressure systems. Do not fill swimming pools.

Women and children are the most affected - children because they're more vulnerable to diseases caused by dirty water and women and girls because they often bear the burden of carrying water for their families for an estimated 200 million hours each day.

Amazing Solutions to Water Scarcity
Save Water Whenever Possible.
Recycle Water.
Advance Technology Related to Water Conservation. 
Improve Practices Related to Farming. 
Less Use of Chemicals in Farming. 
Improve Sewage Systems.
Better Water Distribution Infrastructure.

How can we solve the water crisis in Africa?
Ways To Get Clean Water In Africa
Set Up Rain Catchment Tanks. In areas that receive adequate rainwater, a rain catchment system can be an economical solution to water scarcity.
Protect Natural Springs.
Install Sand Dams.
Rehabilitate Old Wells.
Build New Wells.

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