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The device is intended for use as therapeutic prophylactic quantum physiotherapy. 
Annotation of the invention The quantum shower device for bio-resonance magnetic therapy is a unique development of a group of Russian scientists under the leadership of Serus LLC Russia, based on the achievements of quantum physics and energy information technologies. The device includes a bio-active magnetic system consisting of polygraphic, multipolar, rare-earth magnets, in combination with crystals of rhinestone and amber. 

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No Chemicals Used Zero Maintenance
Manufacturing technology The "Quantum Magnetic Resonance Soul" is patented and absorbed numerous of the most advanced technological solutions of the space and defence industries are carried out at the Russian equipment with the use of Russian production materials. 

The device is installed: • In the bathroom for the shower screwed to the shower hose. • Does not require maintenance, expensive preventive control, and does not consume electricity. 
“Human health is in harmony with the inner and the outside world” 

About the device Quantum Magnetic - Amber Shower Doctor Quant is a unique physiotherapeutic device that combines many therapeutic factors. The device contains a bio-resonant magnetic system consisting of multi-polar poly-graphic magnets in combination with the monochromatic visible spectrum of high-intensity LED emitters. Doctor Quant is an energy expert and a device that creates light, structured, negatively charged water. You bathe in mild, oxygen-rich water with pronounced healing properties. 

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# 10 YEAR Guarantee #Self Cleaning Filter # EASY To Clean Filter Without Any Help # Protect Disease 
# Good Health # High Energy Level
# Good Taste  # Better Smell 
# Scale Prevention # Silver NanoParticles Water Technology

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GREEN — (490-530 nm) It is a harmonizing colour. Eliminates arousal, anxiety, relieve emotional stress. It has a hypnotic affect. It stabilizes emotions, relieves spasms of vessels. Improves microcirculation. Affects the cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system. Improves microcirculation. Relieves arterial pressure. 
BLUE COLOR - (265-420 nm) It has antibacterial properties, helps fight infections, fevers, is effective for throat diseases, spasms, headaches, palpitations, intestinal upset, rheumatism, a large therapeutic effect has been observed in patients with cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders substances (including diabetes mellitus), diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the thyroid gland, endocrine diseases. The most effective wavelengths are 435 nm and 450 nm (bactericidal action, haemoglobin activation, the conversion of bilirubin into a water-soluble formula). 
RED COLOR— (650-750 nm) It is a stimulating and harmonizing effect on the nervous system. Accelerates the pace of mindfulness, stimulates the immune system. It has been shown that it is effective in the field of the respiratory tract. It supports the spirits, helps to preserve beauty and health. Achievable effect

  • Filling the water balance of body cells
  • Moisturizing the skin 
  • Normalizes and strengthens the immune system. 
  • Burns excess fat 
  • Stimulates the excretion of toxins and toxins from the human body 
  • Has a cleansing effect on the endocrine and circulatory system, improves blood circulation in arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels. 
  • Improves the intercellular circulation of fluid, destroys large fat formations contributes weight reduction. 
  • Improves eyesight, restores growth and natural hair pigment. 
  • Accelerates healing and recovery after illness.
  • Improves cerebral circulation, activates the nervous system, harmonizes the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain, improves memory, develops creative abilities.  "Doctor Quant" is your personal home doctor 

Nano filter Solution provides Clean filtered water with the help of nanotechnology. 

Our company is Bulk Supplier of Self-Cleaning Water Filter System.

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