Hard Water Softener System - Fully Automatic Self Cleaning Water Softener
Hard Water Softener System
Fully Automatic Hard Water Softener

Usage/Application : Domestic, Industrial & Agriculture
Brand: Serus
Capacity: 1000 to 300,000 LPH
Material: Stainless
Power Source: Non-Electric
Shape: Cylindrical
Installation: Easy Installation
Life: Longer shelf life & Durable
Eco-friendly: No harmful chemicals
Maintainance: No maintenance is required

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. Hard-drinking water may have moderate health benefits.

Hard water is not kind to the plumbing systems. Repeated exposure to hard water will cause limescale to build up, eventually clogging the drains and decreasing the water quality.

Non-Electric Water Purifier Zero Maintenance Anti Scaling Pipe Protection Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion Hard Water Softener Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses Remove Iron & Sediments Remove Suspended Solids Provides Clean & Reusable Water Protect Environment Remove Solvents and Microbial contaminants.

General guidelines for classification of waters are 0 to 60 mg/L (milligrams per litre) as calcium carbonate is classified as soft; 61 to 120 mg/L as moderately hard; 121 to 180 mg/L as hard; and more than 180 mg/L as very hard.

Hard water cause plumbing problems:  As mineral build-up accelerates, water flow can be drastically reduced and stresses on pipework can cause damaging bursts and leaks. Appliances that heat water are even more affected by hard water because heating causes larger deposits of calcium carbonate to form.

1. Creating Unsightly Scale
Naturally occurring minerals like chalk, limestone, magnesium, and calcium are found in hard water. While these substances don’t impact the health of drinking water, they can leave behind unsightly scales. When you use hard water for culinary use and irrigation, limescale can form everywhere.

2. Clogging Plumbing
Unfortunately, stains are the least of worries when you are living with hard water. Over time, hard water can even cause clogged drains. In addition to creating sanitation hazards, clogged plumbing can also be hard on the inner workings of pipes, leading to problems like pinhole leaks and joinery gaps.

3. Interrupting Water Sprayers
When hard water passes through tight spaces like the spray jets on showerheads and dishwasher arms, blockages can occur quickly, making the plumbing fixture or appliance less effective. The more spray jets are clogged, the less water will pass through the space, interfering with cleaning and straining on the device

4. Increasing Soap Residues
Since hard water interferes with the formation of soap suds, many people who live with hard water assume they need more laundry detergent, shampoo, or dish soap. 

Is it safe to drink hard water? 
Is Hard Water Bad for You?  
You may be wondering, 
“Can hard water make you sick?” 

Hard water isn't dangerous, and while it does have excess minerals that might make the taste unpleasant, it's generally safe to drink.

There are no serious adverse health problems associated with drinking hard water.

1 - Hard water can contribute to dry skin and hair.
2 - Washing hair frequently with hard water can leave the scalp feeling itchy.
3 - Minerals in hard water can also change the pH balance of the skin, weakening it as a barrier against harmful bacteria and infections.
4 - People with eczema may be especially vulnerable.

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Remove Iron & Sediments ✔Remove Suspended Solids ✔Remove Lead ✔Remove Copper Remove Nitrate ✔Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion Remove Fluoride 
Remove Selenium Remove Manganese 
Remove Uranium Remove Chromium 
Remove Coliform Remove Radium
Remove Cryptosporidium 
Remove Disinfectant byproducts ✔Remove Arsenic Remove Pesticides Remove Solvents and Microbial Contaminants

Signs of hard water include:

Feeling a film on your hands after washing them. This is caused by the soap reacting with calcium to form soap scum. You may need to rinse your hands longer if the water is hard.

Spots. These can appear on glasses and silverware coming out of the dishwasher. These are usually deposits of calcium carbonate.

Mineral stains. These show up on clothes when they come out of the washing machine. Clothes can wear out faster because of the harshness of hard water.

Less water pressure in your home. Mineral deposits can form in the pipes, essentially shrinking the interior diameter of the pipes and reducing water flow.

Main five water sources:
Municipal  - Groundwater (well)
Surface water. Lake. River. Stream (creek) Shallow well. Rainwater. Seawater.

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Russian Nano filter Solution water softener is known as one of the best options for treating hard water from a good system with the high-capacity 1000 LPH to 300000 LPH, suitable for Whole Houses, apartment building, Commercial Builidng, Industrial Plant and Manufacturing Units and Agriculture Irrigation Farming

Water softeners can remove trace minerals from the water supply, making the Home, Industrial units a little cleaner. By running the water through beds of negatively charged resin beads, water softeners help to prevent stains and reduce problems.

Signs of soft water include:
1- A healthy lather when washing clothes, dishes, and even your hands and body.
2- Clothes that are cleaner, with no mineral stains and less wear-and-tear damage.
3- Healthy water pressure.
4- A slight sodium tastes in drinking water, though in many cases a difference in taste is imperceptible.

Unwanted impurities in the water can be caused by a variety of conditions. Water from rainfall, streams, and wells can pick up harmful chemicals in the environment like acid and metallic elements. Biological components in water can include bacteria, algae, organic waste, amino acids, pathogens, viruses, microbes, and parasites. They end up in the water because of contact with industrial sewage and wastewater, agricultural waste and runoff, decomposing waste in water bodies, and imbalances in water chemical profiles that promote the proliferation of microbes. Some methods of removing soluble impurities from water can help. Unfortunately, in many cases, the treated water coming from your tap includes added impurities such as chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride.

Nano Water Filter Solution provides a wide range of Water Treatment solutions and water filters based on Ecuador's water resources.

Water Resources Are:

★ Surface Water Treatment System:   Surface water is water from rivers, lakes or freshwater wetlands, which can be treated using different methods, such as Nano Filtration Systems, UV Water Filter & Magnetic Water Softener & Conditioner.

★ Desalination Water Treatment System:  Desalination can be used for water from the ocean, or sea sources, which can be treated using Seawater Treatment Systems; Desalination Systems.

★ Ground Water Treatment System: Ground Water or brackish water is from water located in the pore space of soil and rock “Borehole well”, which can be treated using Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter Systems, UV Water Sterilizers.

★ Government Mumcipile Water Treatment System: Government water supply, which could have a high level of hardness or a high level of chlorine, can be treated with Water Softener Systems, Water Filters.

At SERUS we are dedicated to researching and developing new technologies that will benefit our customers in all fields such as residential, commercial and industrial solutions. SERUS provides products that have science and logic behind them which are built to last and satisfy our customers. We believe that every customer is different and has different needs and wants and should have a customized solution to his problem. 

Self Cleaning Inline Nano Water Filter: We believe that a customer should purchase a product use it and enjoy it for the long run, this is why SERUS uses only the best metals for manufacturing that last and are safer than plastic-type products that are chemically produced, break, contaminate and so on. We use the finest metals for manufacturing along with nanosilver, magnetics, amber and rhinestone that are scientifically known for their advantages to humans, animals, plants and industrial solutions.

Shipping:  We ship worldwide and have experience in shipping to all continents of the World to over 50 countries. Shipping time depends on the destination country and the type of shipping used such as express mail by plane (for small orders) cargo shipping by Airline (for bigger orders) and shipping containers (for large orders). To find out the timeframe of shipping to your country you can contact us for the estimate, based on the weight of the order and destination country.

Warranty Policy:    For our filters, we offer a 10-year warranty. 30-year warranty for magnetic water structures about all other products please contact us for a brief explanation.

Return Policy:    The product can surely be returned within 30 days if not satisfied for any reason. How does it work? the day you receive the package the 30 days starts counting if a product you feel that you would like to return within those 30 days send us a tracking number that you have put in the mail.

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Self Cleaning Inline Water Filter System: Hard water conditioner - Hard Water Softener - Magnetic Hard Water System Price Of Water Treatment Device Use in Domestic, Agriculture, Livestock, Commercial & Industrial  Sector

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