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In Saudi Arabia, water is a scarce and extremely valuable resource. The majority of water consumption is supplies by depleting nonrenewable groundwater and desalination. Due to its high levels of heat and humiditywater is a major concern. The surrounding environment consists of sand, which makes it a challenge to grow crops as well as provide adequate water quality in Saudi Arabia. Most water is received from the sea, however, the high salt content means is it not drinkable . 

The majority of water consumption is supplies by depleting nonrenewable groundwater and desalination. Although, tap water is safe to drink, demand for bottled water is increasing. Saudi Arabia was the 12th largest country per capita consumption of bottled water. 

Saudi Arabia is the world's largest producer of desalinated water which covers 70% of the total water demand.  There are no rivers or lakes or areas of abundant natural vegetation because rainfall is scant to non-existent. Over the centuries, through oases and then desalination plants, the Saudi people have found enough water to support their daily lives.

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Water supply and sanitation in Saudi Arabia is characterized by challenges and achievements. Today about 50% of drinking water comes from desalination40% from the mining of non-renewable groundwater and only 10% from surface water in the mountainous southwest of the country. Saudi relies heavily on two sources of water, groundwater, and the water extracted from desalination plants that remove salt from seawater. 

Desalinated water, Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the world producing water extracted from saline sea water. There are no rivers or lakes or areas of abundant natural vegetation because rainfall is scant to non-existent. Over the centuries, through oases and then desalination plants, the Saudi people have found enough water to support their daily lives.

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Enjoy safe drinking water all the time.
Provides More Energy throughout the Day.
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Save money.
Help preserve our environment.
Reduce potential plumbing issues.
Prevent skin irritation. 
Save on soap and enjoy cleaner clothes.
Reduces limescale and other mineral deposits.

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Main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the Self-Cleaning string-membrane filter element. It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification: a body of the filter cartridge is coated with pure nano silver then on the body we use an ultra-thin stainless steel string that goes around the filter cartridge frame in a special way on the body of the filter element and a bio-magnetic water structure that is inside of the filter element.

Nano Water Filter System is based upon each individual water problem and requirement. Nano water filter does not sell water filter but, resolve issue people face due to water quality and maintenance. We study all data provided by customer water problem and then suggest the type of water filter will be good to install.

Nano Water Purifier & Filter Provide Solution for all kind of water related issue and problem like hard water, bad smell, salt water, dirty water, unhealthy drinking water and lots of other issue.

Nano Water Filter Solution is here to Provide Customized Water Filter Device according to each individual water related issue.

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