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The main sources of water for drinking, washing, agriculture and industry are surface water, groundwater and collected rainwater, all of which are dependent on rain and snow falling on the Earth's surface. There are two main types of water resources in Oman; conventional water resources (natural) including surface and groundwater that present about (87%) and non-conventional water resources including desalination water and treated wastewater that present about (13%). Water Filter Price in Oman | RO Water Filter & Purifier Price In Oman | Water Purifier Price in Oman | UV Water Filter Supplier In Oman | Shower Water Filter In Oman | Water filter Supplier | Water treatment companies in Oman | Water Filter Near Me | RO Water Purifier Price in Oman

Seawater Is Main & Important Water Source in Oman - Diam currently takes water from four major desalination sites – Ghubra, Barka, Sohar and Sur. The Gubrah, Barka and Sohar desalination plants serve the Main Interconnected System which supplies the most populated areas of Northern Oman. Oman and the other Gulf countries are dominated by vast and scorching deserts, obtaining fresh water from the sea comes at a high financial and environmental cost. In Sur, south of the capital Muscat, water for residents and businesses comes from a large desalination plant that serves some 600,000 people

Drinking Oman's tap water is safe, and is unlikely to cause any harm to those who drink it. There are specialists at the authority who are working on providing safe water for people.  Oman Tap Water Filter - Oman UV Filter - Oman Shower Filter - Oman RO Water Filter. Nano Water Filter Solution provides a wide range of self-cleaning water filtration and treatment solutions based on Oman water resources.

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Russian Self Cleaning Water Filters

Water Filter Capacity of 1000 Liter To 300000 Litres of Water Per Hour
No Electricity - No Chemicals - No Cartridge Change

Why You Need Water Purification And Its Importance
Enjoy safe drinking water all the time.
Provides More Energy throughout the Day.
Allows for Better Exercises for a Great Life.
Ensures Your Skin Remains Healthier and Glowing.
Helps you to Lose Weight.
Save money.
Help preserve our environment.
Reduce potential plumbing issues.
Prevent skin irritation. 
Save on soap and enjoy cleaner clothes.
Reduces limescale and other mineral deposits.

Most Omanis drink bottled water and this is widely available. Outside the capital area and main towns, People should boil or sterilize water used for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice. Access to clean, freshwater is fundamental to health and wellbeing, and filtering water ensures that this is achieved. Most water filters remove harmful chemicals and bacteria, which if consumed can cause diseases and general ill-health.
How Our Self Cleaning Water Filters & Automatic Water Purifiers Works
✔ Filter Operate Opposite of anything else. Water goes first into the filter around the 0.8-1.0 micron or less can penetrate through the ultra-thin microwire.
✔ The stainless steel shell of the cartridge is covered in nanosilver particles for water disinfection. ✔ The natural way!
On the shell of the filter cartridge is a special stainless steel spiral microwire that is wounded around the frame multiple times. 
✔ The stainless steel spiral microwire is thinner than a human hair. The distance between the microwire pores is 0.2-0.3 microns.
✔ The self auto oscillations in the spiral micro-wire arise from hydrodynamic processes in a turbulent vortex flow.
✔ Water that enters the filter under pressure passes through between the spiral microwire pores and impurities don't pass and get finished out by the drain valve.
✔ Due to the vortex vibration of the spiral microwire impurities cannot stick to the filter element and drop down vertically for flushing.
✔ Once pure water passes into the filter cartridge it passes a multipolar magnetic unit that is mixed with amber and rhinestone crystals for structured H302 live water with perfect balanced pH.
✔ Impurities accumulate at the bottom of the flask. Flushing of the filter can be done manually or with an electric auto flushing device.

Self Cleaning Automatic Inline Water Filters - 2,00,000 LPH
Self Cleaning Automatic Inline Water Filters - 3,00,000 LPH

Nano Water Filter Solution is a global provider of water treatment solutions for a variety of applications and industries, Nano Water Filter Solution offer a large selection of all types of reverse osmosis and water treatment systems to meet industrial commercial domestic and Agriculture needs. Nano Water Filter Solution extensive global experience in engineering and manufacturing allows us to customize water treatment to meet a wide range of customer requirements and specifications.


Water Filter & Water Purifier Benefits: 
✔ Non-Electric Water Purifier   ✔ Zero Maintenance   ✔ No Cartridge Change   ✔ Anti Scaling Pipe Protection  
✔Protect Pipes & Boilers Corrosion ✔ Hard Water Softener ✔Removes Bacteria & Most Viruses  
✔Remove Iron & Sediments ✔Remove Suspended Solids ✔Provides Clean & Reusable Water  
✔Protect Environment ✔Reduced Energy Cost ✔Improve Crop Growing Conditions  
✔ Plant Disease Prevention ✔Increase Crop Yield ✔Healthier Livestock  
✔Keeps Livestock Hydrated ✔Prevent Digestive Problems  
✔Improve Growth Performance & Security
✔ Remove Iron Metal Particles From Water   ✔ Remove Water Impurities  ✔ Remove Limescale Deposite In Pipes  ✔ Remove Fluoride From Water  ✔ Remove Sulfur From Water  ✔ Remove Calcium From Water  ✔ Remove Nitrates From Water  ✔ Remove Pesticides From Water

Wide Range of Industrial solutions 

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - 1,000 LPH

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - 3,000 LPH

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - 10,000 LPH

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - ​20,000 LP

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - ​40,000 LP

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - 60,000 LPH

Magnetic Structured Water Conditioner Device - 100,000 LPH

Prices vary from Product To Product 

Russian Self Cleaning Nano Water Filter
Water Filter Capacity of 1000 Liter To 300000 Litres of Water Per Hour

Contact Us  For Latest Price Of Water Treatment Device Use in Domestic, Agriculture, Livestock, Commercial & Industrial  Sector

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Oman Nano Water Filter System is based upon each individual water problem and requirement. Nano water filter does not sell water filters but, resolve issues people face due to water quality and maintenance. We study all data provided by customer water problem and then suggest the type of water filter will be good to install. Nano Water Purifier & Filter Provide solutions for all kinds of water-related issues and problems like hard water, bad smell, salt water, dirty water, unhealthy drinking water and lots of other issues. Nano Water Filter Solution is here to Provide a Customized Water Filter Device according to each individual water-related issue.

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