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It is known that water covers about 70% of our planet, but regrettably, only 3% of the resources accounts for usable freshwater. Water remains the most vital resource of the earth, a lack of which is keenly felt today. This is especially true for the Middle East countries, where fresh water resources are very limited due to geographical and climate features. The possibility of desalinating and using seawater has become a solution to the problem.

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Water Desalination Is Alternative Water Source For Countries With Low Drinking Water or Water Crises.

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Desalination is a technique where the excess salts are removed from seawater or brackish water converting it into safe potable or usable water. Desalination methods are categorized into thermal processes and membrane processes. 

Desalination is a process that takes away mineral components from saline water.  Due to its energy consumption, desalinating seawater is generally more costly than fresh water from rivers or groundwater, water recycling and water conservation. Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. The by-product of the desalination process is brine. Desalination is used on many seagoing ships and submarines.

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The desalination plants are designed to remove impurities like salts and another mineral from seawater or brackish water. Desalination can turn the seawater into potable drinking water for the areas where clean water is hard to come by. It makes the water fit for drinking as well for various industrial use.

Saudi Arabia is the country that relies most on desalination – mostly of seawater. The US is in second place. It uses mainly brackish and wastewater although later this year it will open one of the world's largest seawater desalination plants in Carlsbad, San Diego

Water desalination facilities in the UAE provides about 80% of the water consumed. The United Arab Emirates ranks second after Saudi Arabia in terms of the amount of producing desalinated water. Today, many specialized seawater desalination plants are built on the territory of the UAE.

Desalination plants operate in more than 120 countries in the world, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Cape Verde, Portugal, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia.

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Today, desalination plants are used to convert seawater to drinking water on ships and in many arid regions of the world and to treat water in other areas that are fouled by natural and unnatural contaminants.

Desalination, the process of removing salt from water, is expensive. One common desalination method, reverse osmosis, is expensive because it requires a great deal of electricity to push water through a filter. It's also costly to treat the water to kill microbes and to replace the filters.

For making salt and seawater pure for human consumption and irrigation purposes, we offer a wide range of Seawater Desalination Systems. Based on reverse osmosis processes of seawater these products are acclaimed for their engineering efficiency and compact designing. The process includes exerting high pressure on membranes concentrated part and passing the purified fluid to the safe side of the membrane. These systems are highly brought into application nearby coastal reason and on ships in the ocean for desalination of saltwater to make it fit for human usage.

Our systems acclaimed across the globe include:
Purifies water to levels suitable for drinking
Highly efficient
Consumes less energy
Easy to maintain

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