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United Arab Emirates Water Quality  - UAE has no law to enforce the replacement of pipes or the cleaning of such tanks, water contamination is a possibility. Despite these risks of water contamination, the water quality in the United Arab Emirates is adequate, and most experts maintain that this sort of contamination is very unlikely. In the UAE's arid environment, groundwater is an important and precious resource for municipal and rural supplies, environmental protection, and social and economic development. However, most of the groundwater used in the UAE is brackish . 

Environmental challenges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are caused by the explotation of natural resources, rapid population growth, and high energy demand. The continuing temperature rise caused by global warming contributes to UAE's water scarcity, drought, rising sea level and aridity. The issue of water scarcity in UAE has forced the government to rely on water desalination. The high intake of water by people for household and farming purposes is the main reason for the shortage. The fact that the people have a free water supply in UAE makes them waste the water without much concern.

There are two sources of water in UAE: Desalinated seawater and groundwater. While groundwater is used for agriculture in Al Ain and Liwa, drinking water is provided entirely from desalinated seawater across the Emirate.

Conventional Water, surface water like ( springs / dams) and groundwater (shallow / deep aquifers)

Non-Conventional Water, such as desalinated water, treated wastewater and cloud seeding.

Groundwater is the main natural water resource.

Sea Water Desalination - In order to meet both the qualitative and quantitative requirements for drinking water standards, domestic water supplies rely mainly on desalinated water (around 99%), which is used either directly or blended with groundwater.

Treated wastewater represents one of the most important alternatives to meet some of the present water requirements and lessen the long-term supply-demand imbalance

Tips for UAE residents to save water
Turn off the tap while brushing teeth and reduce shower time.
Repair dripping taps ASAP.
Do not use the dishwasher half load.
Use a spray bottle to clean.
Water your plants early in the morning or in the afternoon.

In its simplest form, a water filter helps decontaminate water by either using a physical barrier, chemical process, or a biological process. People use water filter systems for a variety of different reasons, and there are dozens of benefits of filtering your own water.


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What makes the Nano water filter different than other filters that are sold in the market?

1. All of our filters are made out of high quality metal such as bronze and medical stainless steel.

2. This filter does not require changing a one time filter cartride, the filter cartridge warranty is for 10 years.

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4.The string membrane filter provides 3 degrees of water purification:

What types of nano water filter are available ?
Nano Water Filter - Self Cleaning Water Filter - Main In line Water Filter - UV Water Filter - Magnetic Structured Water Device

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How does a water filtration system work?
Physical filtration provides a physical barrier that removes larger particles from your water. Chemical filtration uses simple chemical reactions on water passing through an activated material (like carbon) to remove smaller impurities that physical filters can't catch.

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